Daily In Person LBA Schedule

If you have not been back to the club to play since Covid, please come play with us.  We miss you!

Monday 9:00am_____0-199 Lesson and game with Kathy Plauche

Monday  9:15am___ 0-750 Lesson  with Wayne Weisler

Monday 9:30 am ___ Open Game with Wayne Weisler

Tuesday 12:30 pm___299er & Open Game with Kathy Logue

Wednesday 9:15am___0-750 Lesson & Game with Sue Himel

Thursday  1:00pm___499er & Open Game with Sue Himel

Friday  1:00pm___499er & Open Game with Wayne and Kathy

3rd Saturday __ Swiss teams event at 1:00.

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Online Schedule

9:45 199er (18 Boards) $5 (Thursday only!)
9:45 499er (18 boards) $5 (M, W, Sa, & Su only) 

9:45 0-750 (18 boards) $5 (Tues, Thurs only)
9:55 1999er(18 boards) $5 (Mon, Wed & Fri only!)
10:00 Open (18 boards) $5 Every day 7 days a week.
1:15 299 (18 boards) $5 (Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat) 

1:15 499 (18 boards) $5 (Tues & Thurs)

1:25 1999er (18 boards) $5 (Tues & Thurs only!)
1:30 Open (18 boards) $5 (Mon-Sat)
2:00 Swiss  (20 boards) $5 Sunday only!
7:00 299er (18 boards) $5 (T & W only!)

7:15 199er (18 boards) $5 (Mon & Thurs only!)

7:00 Open (18 boards) $5  (M, T, & W only!) 

7:00 Swiss ( 20 boards) $5 Every Thursday!

Upcoming Events Face to Face

Special Online Events



June 27-July 8 Back to the Club Upgraded Club CHampionships - triple points nor extra fee!



July 1-31  Several NAP Games 2X Pts 1/2 Red, 1/2 Black $6




Cash will no longer be accepted for entry fees, or to purchase "Free Plays".


Virtual Club Contact

Sherrie Goodman is our Virtual Club  Coordinater. Her contact info. is Mail@la-bridge.com. Or lbalbcetal@gmail.com

For immediate attention, call her @ 504-329-7411

If you need any help, or information ,please contact Sherrie.

The Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA) is the largest bridge club in the greater New Orleans area. It is also the oldest, dating back to 1941. The LBA is part of ACBL Unit 134, District 10 which has over 1,300 members, ranging from new players with a few master points to Grand Life Masters with over 25,000.

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