The club will be closed until the 31st of Jan.,  We hope to reopen on the 31st.

Please let anyone who doesn't read the website, or their emails know.

Stay safe,heathy, and happy. Join our virtual games on BBO


There is still a 100% vaccination requirement, and there is also a requirement that EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE MASKED-- NOSE & MOUTH COVERED.

Please let your partners, and friends who do not read the emails, or look at the website, know these new rules for playing at the club.

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Latest News

Daily In Person LBA Schedule

Monday  9:15am___ 0-750 Lesson and Game with Wayne Weisler

Tuesday 1:00pm___499er & Open Game with Kathy Logue

Wednesday 9:15am___0-750 Lesson & Game with Lowen

Thursday  1:00pm___499er & Open Game with Sue Himel

Friday  1:00pm___499er & Open Game with Wayne and Kathy

Daily BBO Virtual Online Schedule

9:45 499er (18 boards) $5 (M,F,Sa,Su)

9:45 99er (18 boards) $5 (Tuesday only!)

9:45 0-750 (18 boards) $5 (Tues, WED.  & Thurs only)

9:45 199er (18 Boards) $5 (Thursday only!)

9:55 1999er (18 boards) $5 (Friday only!)

10:00 Open (18 boards) $5 Every day 7 days a week.

1:15 299 (18 boards) $5 (Mon-Sat)

1:25 1999er (18 boards) $5 (Tuesday only!)

1:30 Open (18 boards) $5 (Mon.-Sat.)

2:00 Swiss  (20 boards) Sunday only!

4:00 Mentoring Game Wednesday only!

7:15 1999er (18 boards) $5 Monday only!

7:15 299er (18 boards) $5 (Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday, and Thursday only!)

7:15  Open (18 boards) $5  (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only!)

Upcoming Events at LBA

Special Online Events


January 17-23 Silver Linings Week - Double Silver Points $6


February 12-13 Valentines weekend Double Pts. red/black $5

February 21-27 Education Fund Games - 2X Black Pts $6


March 24-27 Spring Online Regional


April 4-10 Charity FDN. Week 2X Black pts. $6

April 25-May 1 Stardust Week 2x PTs 1/2 gold, 1/2 Black $6


May 14-15 Grass Roots Weekend 2x Black Pts $6


June 1-30  Several NAP Games 2X Pts 1/2 Red, 1/2 Black $6

June 18-19 The Longest Day 2X Black Pts. $6



Cash will no longer be accepted for entry fees, or to purchase "Free Plays".


Virtual Club Contact

Sherrie Goodman is our Virtual Club  Coordinater. Her contact info. is Mail@la-bridge.com. Or lbalbcetal@gmail.com

For immediate attention, call her @ 504-329-7411

If you need any help, or information ,please contact Sherrie.

The Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA) is the largest bridge club in the greater New Orleans area. It is also the oldest, dating back to 1941. The LBA is part of ACBL Unit 134, District 10 which has over 1,300 members, ranging from new players with a few master points to Grand Life Masters with over 25,000.

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Rosenblum Tournament Results

Our top winners were Iype Koshy & James Bush with 21.55 mps

2nd place were Larry Federico and Idell Adams with  19.40 mps

3rd place were Jean Talbot and Judy Katz with 16.16 mps

For complete results, click here


STAC Results

Congratulations to Jean Talbot who won 32.94 Silver points last week.

2nd place was Judy Katz with 16.97 Silver points.

3rd place was Sue Himel with 16.96 Silver points

Everyone's points are listed here:

Click here for final results:

Unit 134 December Leaderboard - Top 50

Jean Talbot 65.11
John Onstott 50.32
Sue Himel 32.7
Kathy Logue 31.16
Joan Van Geffen 30.16
Judy Katz 28.87
Sherrie Goodman 25.26
Paul Freese 23.93
Linda Freese 19.44
George Wilson 18.15
James Thornton 17.99
Newt Jackson 16.74
Julius Rosenfield 14.05
Diana Powell 13.65
Charles Waldrop 12.38
Larry Federico 11.83
Dianne Chesson 11.5
Mae O Neil 11.16
Kathy Plauche 10.45
Douglas De Montluzin 9.82
Christopher Young 9.79
J F Lowenstein 9.49
Mary LeBlanc 9.18
Sid LeBlanc 8.83
Lynn Giordano 8.67
Greg Browne 8.4
J Michael Russell 8.28
Nelson Daigle 7.83
Daisy Vandenburgh 7.65
Jean Faia 7.6
Gary Bergeron 7.5
Janice Zazulak 7.42
Ronald Ocmond 7.3
James Hailey Jr 7.21
Helen St Romain 7.04
Nancy Gates 7.04
Jetinder Jolly 6.47
Cecile Ruiz 6.23
Matti Hietalahti 5.01
Carol Bagalman 4.98
Wayne Weisler 4.91
Eileen Bagnetto 4.63
Mark Greensfelder 4.48
Juanita Heidingsfelder 4.44

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