You can participate in another Gold Points Tablet event at the LBA on Tuesday, June 27th from 3:45pm to 7:45pm.  It will be a two session Stratified Open Pairs event.  You can register at http://www.bridgebase.com/mp/trial/trial.php for the price of $52/pair.  The LBA will charge an extra $14/person for the monitoring of the game and some light refreshments between the 2 sessions.  Any questions:  call Sherrie Goodman at 504-329-7411.

LBA Longest Day Tournament


The Longest Day could have gotten a lot longer when the club bathrooms succumbed to the severe weather conditions.  Thanks to Larry Federico who arranged for outside facilities, giving players a path to replace the bath.  Then Jackie Madden was Johnny-on-the-spot when she got the parish workers out to fix the problem.  Ah, what a relief it was!


We'll have an update shortly to tell you the total money we were able to raise.




LBA raising table fees to $7 on 7/1/17

The Board of Directors of the LBA has unanimously passed a resolution to raise the table
fees at our club from $6 to $7 effective July 1, 2017. Conversations with members who
have been around for a number of years indicate that the last time fees were raised was
before Katrina in 2005.

The slow but steady increase in various expense items (building maintenance, insurance,
director fees, etc.) led us to this decision. Our current deficit is about $14,000 for 4
months with non-recurring items accounting for about ½ of the problem.
Notwithstanding, the recurring losses seem to be continuing at an annual rate of about
$20,000. The fee increase will raise about $25,000 in a year and should give us room to
maneuver going forward. To help keep fees low, we will not pass on extra ACBL fees
for STAC and Charity games at present. If the increase results in a break even position
for the club we will be content.

Please note that this increase was passed only after much deliberation and was passed
unanimously by your Board of Directors.

Feel free to discuss this with any member of the Board at your leisure.

Jim Thornton

Youth Day Fun