New Directory

The next time you are at the club, please take time to look at the information on the front table.

Suzanne Cliffe is working to get out a new club directory. Please make sure that all of your information is correct.

If you will not be at the club for a while, you can email  all of your correct info to me at I will check to make sure that all the info for you is correct.

Thanks to Suzanne Cliffe for her work on this project.

2 new EZBridge series to begin in September.

Start Spreadin' the News!!

EZBridge starts on Wed., Sept 12 at 9:00AM

There will also be a night EZBridge lesson series starting Monday, Sept. 17.  7-9 PM. Now your friends have no excuse not to learn your favorite game.

Congratulations to Larry Federico

Let's all let Larry know how proud we are of his major achievement:  EMERALD LIFE MASTER!

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The Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA) is the largest bridge club in the greater New Orleans area. It is also the oldest, dating back to 1941. The LBA is part of ACBL Unit 134, District 10 which has over 1,300 members, ranging from new players with a few master points to Grand Life Masters with over 25,000.

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