The Longest Day will be Long on FUN!

Join us for part or all of the Longest Day festivities on Thursday, June 21.  There will be lots of points, lots of food, and lots of games.

Schedule of Games 

8:00-9:40                          Open

9:40-11:20                        Open and 499er

11:20-1:00                        Open and 499er

1:00 – 2:00                        Lunch

2:00 – 4:00                        Individual Game

4:00 – 5:40                        Open and 499er

5:40 – 6:40                        Wine and Dinner

6:40 – 8:20                        Open & 499er

8:20 – 10:00                      Open & 499er

If you haven't gotten your raffle tickets for "FREE PLAY FOR A YEAR" please contact Sherrie at 504-329-7411 or Steve at 504-606-1848. 



Beware of the previous  "Fake News"-- the Thurs. 299er game is NOT going to be cancelled  ( yet) !! YIPPEE!! We are going to see how many tables come for the next several weeks, and make our decision later

Since Thurs., June 21 is "the longest day", there will be no special 299 game, but it will resume on June 28.

The Webmaster is happy to report that there were 6 tables today.

Fun on the Fourth

Come one ,come all-- the game on July 4th is for all levels.  0 points, come on down!

199 points, come on down! 25,000 points,come on down.

You get the idea-- all are welcome to help celebrate our countrys birthday.

Happy Birthday USA

Food,Fun,bridge for all.

Sunday Swiss Surges!!

Our Swiss games keep growing!! Thanks to Lil, Bummy, and Jack .

Please remember that if we get at least 3 499er teams, the team who places highest of the 3, will all get a free play.

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