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May 15-16 Grass Roots Weekend - Double Points



May 24-30 Silver Linings Week - Double Silver Points



June 1-30 North American Pairs (NAP) qualifying games


June 19 & 20 The Longest Day games



July 10-12 Summer 2021 NABC Robot Individual Tournament


July 15-25 Summer 2021 North American Online Bridge Championships (NAOBC)

July 26-August 1 - Stardust Week Gold Points events

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Latest News

Message From Our PresIdent-- Club Opening

Dear Members,

We have been receiving a lot of questions concerning opening of our club.  We, the Board, are now discussing when,how,and how many of our players will be returning. We all want to get back to playing.

In the near future you will be receiving a survey. I have asked Jackie Madden to head this committee and there are board members as well as some players working on getting us open.

Please fill out the survey and add any additional thoughts or concerns you might have.Another concern is what to do about your ACBL membership if you have not played for points.I have spoken to an ACBL membership representative and memberships can be delayed andd reinstated when you return to our club.

Have a great day and we will be seeing you soon, if the Pandemic remains under control.


Carolyn Duboise

The Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA) is the largest bridge club in the greater New Orleans area. It is also the oldest, dating back to 1941. The LBA is part of ACBL Unit 134, District 10 which has over 1,300 members, ranging from new players with a few master points to Grand Life Masters with over 25,000.

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Daily Online Schedule

10:00 0-20 (15 Boards) $4 (Monday only!)

10:00 99er (18 boards) $5 (Tues.-Fri. only!)

10:15 499er (18 boards) $5 (M,W,F,Sa,Su

10:15 0-750 (18 boards) $5 (Tu & Th only)

10:30 Open (18 boards) $5 

1:45 299er (18 boards) $5 (every day but Sunday)

1:45 Swiss B (anyone with under 2000 mps) Sunday only

2:00 Open (18 boards) $5 (Everyday but Sunday)

2:00 Swiss A (anyone on your team with >2000 mps) Sunday only

7:15 99er (15 boards) $4 (Tuesday and Thursday only!)

7:15   Open (18 boards) $5  (Tuesday and Thursday only!)


Virtual March Leaderboard - Top 50


John Onstott 85.94
Larry Jackson 57.09
Paul Freese 52.06
Mike Cook 51.79
Joan Van Geffen 51.30
Linda Green-Whitten 48.18
Larry Adler 42.27
Stephen Lightman 41.17
Sherrie Goodman 40.66
Thomas Turgeon 37.99
Richard Oshlag 37.50
Barbara Johnson 36.20
Jean Talbot 35.18
Lyn Yukon 34.95
Jim Munday 34.45
Kathy Logue 33.46
Jacob Morgan 32.62
Jack Wynns 32.35
Burton Weil 32.21
Dee Moses 31.48
Juanita Heidingsfelder 31.27
James Thornton 30.73
Christine Tatum 27.71
Daniel Lustig 26.50
Linda Sherrell 26.34
Douglas De Montluzin 25.74
Sam Whitten 25.33
Christopher Young 24.93
Sharon Ohsfeldt 23.69
Sid LeBlanc 23.66
Doris Liukkonen 22.86
Linda Freese 22.79
Robert Sweeney 21.85
Jerrilyn Stumpf 21.58
Dianne Chesson 21.22
Ann Adler 19.94
Lynn Giordano 19.86
Amelia Lee 18.78
Janice Zazulak 18.77
Jacob Karno 18.51
Guss Ginsburg 18.41
Cindy Lewis 17.71
Bruce Wachsman 17.20
Larry Alexander 17.19
Rena Hetzer 16.54
George Wilson 16.41
Sue Himel 16.16
Ronald Ocmond 16.14
Mae O Neil 16.02
Beth Simpson 15.77

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