May 2-5 Derby Day Tournament Pays More Than masterpoints

Run for the Roses, enjoy mint juleps, and WIN PRIZE MONEY!!!!

On Saturday, you will have a chance to place bets on the horses running in the Kentucky Derby with two different bets. Bet on your favorite, or you can buy a chance for the right to one of the horses running.


Another feature of the Saturday Sessions will be prize money to all Strata tops  First in A ,B,and,C ( open and 499ers will share equally) Morning and afternoon sessions.

Marlene Ruckert has donated the prize money in memory of her sister Shirley Ruckert.

Come enjoy good bridge,good food,good mint juleps,and LOTS OF FUN.

There will also be a best hat, and best bow tie contest.


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Latest News

Parking Reminders Asian Market lot Open Every Day!!

Don't forget-- The Asian Market  parking lot is available for us to use EVERY DAY!!

Our Newest Life Masters


Peggy McCranie, and David Williams have both acheived the Life master status.

Please let them each know how proud we are of them!

Amazing Feats!!

Bob Bowers has acheived the status of Emerald Life master  7500 mp's

Don Daigle is now a Gold Life master  2500 mp's

Eleanor Onstott is now a Gold Life Master  2500 mp's

Ernie Levinson is now a Ruby Life Master  1500 mp's

Lynn Giordano is now a Silver Life Master  1000 mp's


We are so proud of all!!

2019 Non Life Master Tournament Coming Soon

Click Here for all the info.on the 2019 Non Life Master tournament.

It's not to early to look for a partner! If you need one, Carolyn DuBoise has a list already. Don't miss out on this great tournament-- get your partners lined up now.

The Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA) is the largest bridge club in the greater New Orleans area. It is also the oldest, dating back to 1941. The LBA is part of ACBL Unit 134, District 10 which has over 1,300 members, ranging from new players with a few master points to Grand Life Masters with over 25,000.

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