Daily Schedule

9:00 199er (12 boards) $3

10:15 499er (18 boards) $5

10:30 Open (18 boards) $5

1:45 199er (18 boards) $5

2:00 Open (18 boards) $5

7:15pm Open (18-21 boards) $5

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Latest News

  • Shirley Laudun

    I am sorry to let you know that former member, Shirley Laudun, has passed... read more...

    Posted yesterday by Ellen Lappa
  • Martie Sisco

    Another member has passed away, Martie Sisco. Please keep her family in... read more...

    Posted 19 May 2020 by Ellen Lappa

This Week's Virtual Schedule

10:15  - 499er game

10:30 - Open Game

2:15 199er Game 

2:30 - Open Game

7:15 -Open Game (21 boards/6 min. per board) (except Saturday & Sunday)


  • Logon at www.bridgebase.com
  • Choose "COMPETITIVE"
  • Games are listed 2-hours before game time
  • Find vacb221739 LBA/LBC/BRBC,  game title will include time and either Open or 499er
  • Questions - Call SHerrie at 504-329-7411



  • Subs - are not charged to play
  • If game begins without you
    • Go back to ACBL virtual clubs
    • Click on running tab
    • Click on the game
    • Click on blue Substitutes button at bottom of screen
    • The director will sub you & partner if possible
  • Add Club Director as Friend (Makes it easier to find games)
    • Click People tab in the right margin 
    • In Add Friend  ________
    • Enter VACB221739
    • Click to add
    • Our vacb221739 games will be in dark blue
  • Logon at www.bridgebase.com
  • Choose "COMPETITIVE"
  • Games are listed 2-hours before game time
  • Find vacb221739 LBA/LBC/BRBC,  game title will include time and 199er, 499er. or OPEN

From your president

As you know, John Liukkonen's computer is down and we cannot send you the Kibitzer this month.

Our club has been closed for over an month now-- I feel lost, as I am sure you must,too. I miss the game, and friends.

No news on the opening of our club,and we will follow the directions of the President,Governor,local officials and the recommendation of the ACBL. The Board continues to meet, and will keep you updated.

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO SHERRIE. She has worked endlessly to bring you games. In the midst of the Virus she has given us a little light. We see names that are familiar, and we play amongst friends. THANKS,SHERRIE.

If you would like to send us news,please do so-- we want to hear from you.

Kanopy is a streaming service offered by the library that is free. all you need is a library card.

Stay healthy and informed,


The Louisiana Bridge Association (LBA) is the largest bridge club in the greater New Orleans area. It is also the oldest, dating back to 1941. The LBA is part of ACBL Unit 134, District 10 which has over 1,300 members, ranging from new players with a few master points to Grand Life Masters with over 25,000.

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Silver Linings Week Results May 25-31

Our top 20:  

34.89 John Onstott
22.71 Barbara Johnson
22.68 Linda Green-Whitten
22.47 Sherrie Goodman
22.44 Margaret Hart
21.54 Larry Jackson
21.27 Paul Freese
20.4 Stephen Kishner
19.05 Frances Schenk
15.18 Stephen Lightman
14.91 Debbie Reily
14.52 Lyn Yukon
14.22 Sharon Ohsfeldt
14.16 David Woods
14.16 Jean Talbot
14.04 Mike Cappelletti
13.65 Joan Van Geffen
13.5 Christopher Young
13.32 Dianne Chesson

Click here to see total results:/TinyFileManager/resources/files/118///silver linings master points

Save Your Club Game Results for May

Sid LeBlanc 2.63  
Gregory Blum 2.63  
Ernest Levinson 2  
Stephen Kishner 1.58  
David Woods 1.58  
Colleen Walker 1.53  
Alma Slatten 1.16  
Robert Pettit 1.16  
Linda Freese 0.78  
Paul Freese 0.78  

Contact us!

Email us at mail@la-bridge.com or fill out this form and we'll get back to you!

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