Sue Himel

Sue is our Monday game director.

Wayne Weisler

Wayne teaches and runs our Easybridge! games on  Thursday night along with our Tuesday open game and our Sunday 99er game.

Suzanne Cliffe

Suzanne directs our Thursday 299er and Friday Morning 99er workshop and game


Doug DeMontluzin

Doug fills in whenever needed

Linda Freese

Linda is our Thursday Director.


Sharon Henry

Sharon teaches Easybridge! and  runs the Easybridge! workshop.  She is our director for the Tues morning 299er game.

Jack Lewis, Jr.

Jack is our Monday and Thursday night, and Friday director.  He is also an ACBL Assistant Tournament Director.


Lowen is one of our instructors and directs the Monday morning 299er . He is a Gold Life Master.

Ben McKown

Ben directs our Tuesday Night Open game .

Lil Range

Lil directs our Saturday Open game.


Jennie Sauviac

Jennie is our Friday 499er Game DIrector.  She also is an ACBL Assistant Tournament Director.

Elizabeth Sewell

Elizabeth teaches Easybridge! and runs the Easybridge! workshop on Wednesdays.  She also fills in as director for many of the 299er games.

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