Upcoming Events




    January 9  Inter-Club Championship              Monday morning                 $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    January 5-8  Metairie (Rosenblum) Sectional  Thursday-Sunday                $10.00 per session/ Silver points

    January 13-15  Jackson Sectional                  Friday-Sunday                     NAOP District Finals              

    January 19 Junior Fund Game                       Thursday afternoon             $7 entry/Extra points

    January 23  Unit Championship                     Monday Morning                  Extra points/no extra fee

    January 23-29 San Destin Regional                Monday-Sunday

    January 30-Feb 5 – STAC Week                     Monday-Sunday                  $7 entry/Silver points           


    February 8  Unit Championship                     Wednesday                          Extra points/no extra fee

    February 16-18  Lafayette Sectional              Thursday-Saturday

    February 17-19  Hattiesburg Sectional           Friday-Sunday

    February 24  Unit Championship                   Friday                                 Extra points/no extra fee

    February 28 Mardi Gras – Unit Championship Tuesday                              Extra points/no extra fee

    February 27-March 5 – Orange Beach Regional Monday - Sunday



     March 4– Unit Championship                       Saturday                             Extra points/no extra fee                 

     March 8-19 Kansas City NABC                     Wednesday thru next Sunday

     March 9-12 Baton Rouge Sectional               Thursday-Sunday

     March 17-19  Gulfport 299er Sectional         Friday-Sunday

     March 13-19 Club Championship Week         Monday-Sunday                   Extra Points/No Extra Fee

     March 22 Inter-Club Championship              Wednesday                          $7.00 entry/Extra Points

     March 25 Mentoring Swiss Upgraded Club Champ. Saturday                     Mentors Play Free/Extra Points

     March 30-April 1 Metairie 299er Sectional     Thursday-Saturday


    April 6 Inter-Club Championship                    Thursday Afternoon              $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    April 7-9 Jackson Sectional                            Friday-Sunday

    April 6 Unit Championship                             Thursday Night

    April 21 Unit Championship                           Friday

    April 25 Inter-Club Championship                  Tuesday night                       $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    April 27 ACBL-Wide Charity Game                  Thursday 11:45                    $7.00 entry/Extra Points


    May 1 – Grass Roots FUNd Game                  Monday morning                    $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    May 3 Inter-Club Championship                    Wednesday afternoon             $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    May 4-7 Derby Day Sectional                        Thursday-Sunday

    May 9  Unit Championship                            Tuesday Night

    May 15-21 Hot Springs Regional                   Monday-Sunday                      

    May 21 D10 GNT                                         Sunday

    May 15-21  Club Championship Week            Monday – Sunday                  Extra points/no extra fee

    May 21 Unit Championship                            Sunday                                Extra points/no extra fee

    May 22 Inter-club Championship                   Monday night                        $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    May 25  Unit Championship                          Thursday                               Extra points/no extra fee


    June 1 NAOP Qualifier                                  Thursday                              $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    June 1-4 Baton Rouge Sectional                    Thursday-Sunday           

    June 3 ACBL World-Wide Game                     Saturday                              $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    June 5-11 STAC WEEK                                 Monday-Sunday                     $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    June 13  NAOP Qualifier                               Tuesday Morning                    $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    June 17 NAOP Qualifier                                Saturday                                $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    June 16-18 Gulfport Sectional                      Friday-Sunday

    June 21 The Longest Day                            Wednesday(8am – 10:30 pm) $10 per game/extra points

    June 23-25  Jackson 299er Sectional            Friday-Sunday

    June 27 Mentoring Game Upgraded Club Champ Tuesday                            Mentors play free/Extra Points 

    June 29 Inter-Club Championship                Thursday                                 $7.00 entry/Extra Points           


    July 3-9 Nashville Regional                          Monday-Sunday

    July 3 – NAOP Qualifier                               Monday                                   $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    July 4 – Unit Championship                         Tuesday                                   Extra points /no extra fee

    July 11 ACBL-wide Int.'l Fund Game #2        Tuesday Morning                       $7.00 entry/Extra Points  

    July 13-16  Wes Busby Sectional                  Thursday-Sunday

    July 17 Inter-Club Championship                 Monday morning                        $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    July 17   NAOP Qualifier                              Monday night                            $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    July 20-30  Toronto NABC                           Wed. through following Sun.

    July 26  NAOP Qualifier                               Wednesday                                $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    July 27 Unit Championship                          Thursday @12 PM                       Extra points /no extra fee

    July 31 Unit Championship                          Monday night                             Extra points /no extra fee


     August 1  Unit Championship                     Tuesday night                            Extra points /no extra fee

     August 3 – NAOP Qualifier                         Thursday Night                          $7.00 entry/Extra Points

     August 4-6  Lake Charles Sectional             Friday-Sunday

     August 7 – 13  Club Champ. Week              Monday - Sunday - All Games     Extra Points/no extra fee

     August 11-13 Jackson 299er Sectional         Friday-Sunday

     August 15 – NAOP Qualifier                         Tuesday Night                          $7.00 entry/Extra Points

     August 18 – NAOP Qualifier                         Friday 12 pm                           $7.00 entry/Extra Points

     August 27  - NAOP Qualifier                        Sunday                                    $7.00 entry/Extra Points

     August 28-Sept. 3 – STAC week                  Monday-Sunday

     August 30 – Mentoring Game – Upgraded Club Champ.Wednesday               Mentors play free/extra points


    September 4-10 Club Membership Week       Monday-Sunday -All Games      Extra Pts to ACBL Members ONLY

    Sept. 11-17 Robinsonville Regional               Monday-Sunday

    Sept. 13 Inter-Club Championship                Wednesday                              $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    September 14  Unit Championship                Thursday night                         Extra points/no extra fee  

    September 16 Unit Championship                 Saturday                                 Extra points/no extra fee          

    September 21 – Mentoring Game                 Thursday 12 noon                     Mentors play free/extra points*

    September 22 International Fund Game        Friday afternoon                       $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    September 25  Unit Championship                Monday Morning                       Extra points/no extra fee


    October 2 Unit Championship                       Monday Night                           Extra points/no extra fee

    October 3 Inter-Club Championship              Tuesday Night                          $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    October 5 Club Appreciation Game               Thursday Afternoon                   Extra points/no extra fee

    October 12-14 Metairie 299er Sectional        Thursday – Saturday

    October 13-15  Jackson Sectional                 Friday – Sunday

    October 16-22  Club Appreciation Week        Mon.-Sun.(except Thurs.afternoon)   Extra points/no extra fee          

    October 19 Inter-Club Championship            Thursday Afternoon                        $7.00 entry/Extra Point

    October 20-22  Gulfport Sectional                Friday – Sunday

    October 25 ACBL Instant Matchpoint            Wednesday  @ 12 noon                  $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    October 31 Halloween Party – Unit Championship Tuesday Night                         Extra points/no extra fee


    November 2 Unit Championship                    Thursday Night                             Extra points/no extra fee

    November 6 Inter-Club Championship           Monday night                                $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    November 7-13 Club Championship Week      Tuesday-Monday                           Extra Pts/No Extra Fee

                                                                     (excluding NOV.6 @7pm)

    November 13 Club Championship Game        Monday Night @7pm                      Extra Pts/No Extra Fee

    November 14 Mentoring Swiss Upgraded Club Champ.Tuesday Morning               Mentors play free/Extra points

    November 16-19 Dottie Toledano Sectional    Thursday-Sunday

    November 21 ACBL –WIDE Charity Game      Tuesday night                                $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    November 24 – Thanksgiving – Club Closed

    November 23-December 3 San Diego NABC   Wednesday thru following Sunday


    December 2 Holiday Party Unit Championship Saturday Night

    December 3 Unit Extended Team Game          Sunday 1:00 pm                           $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    December 7-10 Baton Rouge Sectional           Thursday-Sunday

    December 12– Inter-Club Championship         Tuesday morning                          $7.00 entry/Extra Points

    December 15 – Holiday Potluck Unit Champ.    Friday 12 pm                                Extra points/no extra fee         

    December 28 – Inter-Club Championship         Thursday night                             $7.00 entry/Extra Points 



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