Daily Schedule


  • Open Game: 10:30am -
  • 499er Game: 9:15 AM( brief lesson at gametime)0-499* Director Lowen)
  • Night Open Game: 6:30pm Director Jack Lewis
  • EZ! Bridge: 7:00PM.  Director  Wayne Weisler


  • Open Game: 10:30am Director Wayne Weisler
  • 299er Game: 9:30am ( brief lesson at gametime) 0-299* Director Sharon Henry
  • Night Open Game: 6:30pm Director Ben McKown


  • EZ! Bridge: 1:00 PM  Elizabeth Sewell
  • Open Game: 10:30am Director Jennie Sauviac


  • 299er game : 9:00-11:30  Elizabeth Sewell
  • 499er Game:12:00 noon ( brief lesson at gametime) * Director Suzanne Cliffe
  • Open Game: 12:00 noon Director Linda Freese
  • Night Open Game (Fast Pairs): 6:30pm  Director Jack Lewis


  • Novice Games: 9:00am 0-99 with lessons on Conventions Director Suzanne Cliffe
  • Open Game: 12:00 pm Director Jack Lewis
  • 499er Game: 12:00 pm* Director Jennie Sauviac


  • Open Game 12.00 noon Director Kathy Logue


  • 1:00pm Swiss teams  Directors Lil Range and Jack Lewis
  • 0-299Game 2:00pm DIrector Wayne Weisler


* brief lesson at gametime

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